Pet De-Sexing Hervey Bay 

The decision to de-sex the family pet is one always met with a degree of trepidation. Neutering is an important process to ensuring the future health and well-being of your cat or dog. Animals who are left ‘entire’ are more likely to roam, in search of a breeding mate, leaving them vulnerable to road traffic accidents or to engage in fights and territorial behaviour (not to mention unwanted pregnancies).

Whilst de-sexing is considered a ‘routine’ procedure it is an intricate surgery (particularly in female patients) requiring a general anaesthesia. At Nissen Street Veterinary Surgery every procedure is treated as a serious undertaking and all possible precautions are taken to ensure the best recovery for your pet. We only use the safest drugs and practices to minimise any risk pre-operatively, during anaesthesia and during the post-operative period.

Hervey bay Desexing

For further information on our ‘Gold Standard’ practices please click on the link to Anaesthesia and Sedation.

All animals undergoing de-sexing at Nissen Street Veterinary Surgery Hervey Bay receive intravenous fluids and pain relief before and after surgery as standard. An elective blood test (mandatory for pets 7 years and older) can also be performed to ensure the liver and kidneys are fully functional. Post-operative checks after 3 and 10 days are complimentary to ensure your pet is recovering well and the incision site is healing appropriately.

Unless otherwise requested, a tattoo is placed in the left ear to identify that your pet has been neutered.

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