Pathology Services


Nissen Street Veterinary Surgery offers an extensive list of in-house pathology services. Our team can deliver rapid on-site testing of blood and urine parameters including red blood cells (indicating anaemia), white blood cells (indicating infection), platelets (used in blood clotting) and organ enzymes levels (indicating organ damage or dysfunction).

Further testing is available for pregnancy diagnosis, timing of mating for conception and an assortment of endocrinological diseases (including diabetes, Cushing’s disease and thyroid dysfunction). ‘Table-side’ testing is also available for the diagnosis of infectious diseases and parasites.

In-house microscopic exam is heavily utilised for the diagnosis of ear and skin diseases, skin cancers, and blood and urine abnormalities.

The surgery also offers access to more specialised testing at external laboratories by enlisting the services of QML and IDEXX Laboratories.

These facilities provide the veterinarian with specific diagnosis of cancer types, the culture and anti-microbial sensitivities of pathogens and more specific test procedures that are unavailable in-clinic.

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