Canine Vaccinations

Canine Vaccinations

Canine ‘core’ vaccinations (C3) convey immunity to Parvo, Distemper and Hepatitis viruses. Comprehensive vaccination (C5) also protects against the two components of ‘Canine Cough’ (Bordetella bronchiseptica and Parainfluenza virus). Upon request export vaccines, such as Rabies virus, can be administered also.

Puppies require three vaccinations to convey full immunity against these infectious and potentially fatal diseases. Puppies receive a full health check and vaccine administration at:
  • 6 weeks (C3)
  • 10 weeks (C5)
  • 14-16 weeks (C4)

Dogs require a booster vaccination after 12 months to maintain immunity. At the first annual booster (15 months of age) a vaccine program will be tailored to the requirements of the pet and client.

Vaccines are available to provide immunity to some components for 3 years, others for only one year.

Which program is selected depends on the disease risk, lifestyle and environment of your pet, and their temperament.

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