Animal Dentistry

Animal Dentistry

At Nissen Street Veterinary Surgery we are delirious about dentistry!!!

Just like us, cats and dogs have only one set of adult teeth. With the average life expectancy of animals increasing due to advances in veterinary medicine, it is important that we take a pro-active approach to dental health.

We offer FREE 6 monthly nurse dental assessments to identify disease processes early. This allows steps to be taken to prevent permanent changes to the oral architecture. We have a keen interest in small animal dentistry and we offer our clients and patients the highest standards in dental care.

If your pet is showing signs of tartar or calculus build-up then it is likely a prophylactic scale and polish will be recommended.

All dental procedures at Nissen Street Veterinary Surgery receive intravenous fluids and pain relief before and after surgery as standard. An elective blood test (mandatory for pets 7 years and older) can also be performed to ensure the liver and kidneys are fully functional. Whilst a dental scale and polish is considered a ‘routine’ procedure it requires a general anaesthesia.

Our team treats every surgery as a serious undertaking and all possible precautions are taken to ensure the best recovery for your pet. We only use the safest drugs and practices to minimise any risk pre-operatively, during anaesthesia and during the post-operative period.

For further information on our ‘Gold Standard” practices please click on the link to Anaesthesia and Sedation. Post-operative checks after 3 and 10 days are complimentary to ensure your pet is recovering well and any extraction sites are healing appropriately.

Dental radiography has become an essential tool in veterinary dentistry allowing the early identification of pathological changes to the periodontal bone and tooth root structure. Often, if identified early, these degenerative processes can be halted or reversed.

At Nissen Street Veterinary Surgery we offer full-mouth radiographs with every dental to help keep your pets’ teeth in in pristine condition.

Furthermore, all extractions have radiographs before and after removal to ensure the underlying bone structure is intact and no tooth fragments are retained.

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